Hello world!

I’m Abigail! I am starting this blog to tell you about my big trip with my family. We are going to Chad to be missionaries by running the welcome center for other missionaries to rest and relax. Though it will be hard without the rest of my relatives and friends I will get to go on so many more trips and vacations. I have not been able to travel a lot so I am very excited! The only people in my family is my mom Sallee, my dad Jeremy, and my sister Olivia (Picture Above). Right now I live in Albertville France. My family and I came here to learn French, because were my family is going to be missionaries, in Chad, because French is their first language.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dear Abigail, such awesome blog work…helps me and my wife CJ know how to pray with intention for you and your family. Eager to read more!
    Thx so much!
    CLBA Eastern Region Pastor Warren Geraghty


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