Leaving for France

We leave for France in 3 days. We have spent the last 3 weeks here. The place is called Mission Training International. This is where, for a month, we slept, ate, took classes, and made many new friends.

The meals are great and the people are so fun but the classes aren’t always the best. I am only 12 but still made it into the teen class. Our class is fun but it was not very fun to join the adult classes. One of the things we had to do with the adults is  language drills. These are the worst. They are when you sit for an hour straight making weird new noises with your mouth to help you learn a new language.

My class, though, is so fun. We do lessons out of our binders but also find time to play games and goof around (It is nice that our teacher gets that we should still be on summer break).

Lucky for my sister and me,  there is another 12 year old girl here, Sabrina. She is super nice. One the things we do to entertain ourselves is take the scooters and little bike/scooter/ziggle thing and go down the long driveway. It is downhill the whole way so we go so fast.

Even though I am older than alot of the little kids here I still love to play with them. The babies are so cute and fun! The kids are fun to play with. We played sardines and monkeys on the ground. One time playing sardines I actually set off the carbon monoxide alarm on accident! The family friendly atmosphere is so fun for me. I love being here with all people to play games with and talk to.
This place has been fun but I can’t wait to go to France in Three Days!


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