What’s “home” like?

If you’ve read my previous posts you have probably heard me talk about the school and the apartments but it is probably a little confusing. So I should probably explain and give a few pictures so you can visualize it.
When you enter the center this is what you will see. (Don’t mind the dumpster that is temporary but happened to be there the day I took the picture)

I live in an apartment building with 8 other families. There are three floors in the building and I live on the top floor.The family   building is the one on the left. The seconded picture is one of the endless flights of stairs (we live on the top) that I will never forget.

In the other places through put the building there are other things also. Like Many classrooms for the school, and offices where people work to keep the school up and running. There is also a pretty cool room that we call “the ping pong room” we only call it that because it has a ping pong table, along with kids toys and a mini kitchen for when the parents/students take breaks.

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