Wrapping Things Up…

As we leave for Chad in just a couple short months, I have started to look back on the year we spent in France. It was honestly, easily the worst year of my life and about 100 times harder than I expected. Even though the year was hard I learned a lot. I learned about language, different cultures, traveling, learning techniques, and even myself. This entire experience has really drawn me closer to God. Sometimes I question why we are here and why it is so hard to be here. But I know I have to keep holding on because this is God’s plan for me. Even though He has put me in a very hard position, I love what He has blessed me with. I have had so many new experiences that I never thought could happen. I love traveling and exploring new things and getting into whatever I can get my hands on. I never really knew what was out in the world.


13 thoughts on “Wrapping Things Up…

    1. Probably Ireland! We saw lots of cool things and went lots of cool places! And most of all our relatives visited us, and that was awesome! We are actually currently with the Kramers and in a city called Carcason. It has an awesome pool and we’ve had a lot of fun! By the way, thanks for the card😉


  1. Abby, it’s been good to read your blog! Thanks for sharing from your heart. Life anywhere isn’t all easy but good to know God never leaves us but is going life with us (our shadow like it says in Psalms 23). I like that song by Matt Redmond, ” Oh no, you never let go, through the calm & through the storm, Oh no, you never let go In every high and every low, Oh no, you never let go Lord, you never let go of me.” May that bless you too as you soon experience even more adventures! Praying for you and your family. The people of Chad will soon grab your heart as you get to know them-at least some!! I grew up not far from where you will be but that was years ago now and things change but not the people. Smile and love them and they quickly feel that love and friendliness. It is that light of Jesus shining through you. Will look forward to hearing some of your experiences there too. (I’m Kari Andrews’ mom)


    1. Thanks! And also thanks for the comment I love hearing that people read it and what they liked!… Yes! I m sure I’ve heard about you but I’m not sure we’ve meet. Thanks again for reading and I’d love to hear more of what you think!


  2. Hi Abigail It’s Matthew. I’ve been following you since the beginning. You have done a lot and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Matthew

    P.S. When Mrs. Kramer comes shill have a pack of something you might enjoy


  3. Abby – You mention ” all the things God has blessed you with”. Please know that He has used you to bless others.


  4. Hi Abby, It’s nice to hear that our kids are not the only ones saying this year was incredibly hard! Thanks for your honesty and your vulnerability in sharing your thoughts with us. You have been a very very sweet friend to Halli and therefore a big blessing to our family. She loves you and your sister very much, and will miss you greatly. As for your future, I have a feeling it will be full of adventure and that you will thrive in life, as you’ve taken a challenging time and risen to the occasion. We will be praying for beaucoup de blessings for you all in Chad. Love- The Hoffmans


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