Goodbye France…Hello New world

So according to the countdown on the bottom of my blog there are only a few short days left until we officially move to Chad.

After an incredibly long journey, but yet seemed to go by in a few seconds, we are finally on the verge of being where God really wants us to be.

This year has taught me so much about myself, my family, and it really taught me about my own relationship with God.

In the first semester of school, I didn’t understand much French in school, and this made pretty impatient with wondering when school was over. It’s of course not a great thing but now I know that I am just a very impatient person. I’ve also learned about myself that I am a “people person”. Living in an apartment, I really enjoy being around other people and the homey atmosphere. I love little kids and having funny conversations with them!

I am also going to miss lots of stray cats because I also have realized this year, that I love cats, and all animals.


I learned a lot about my family and how we function in very close corners. We do seem to get a lot more frustrated in a small house, and we see each other a lot. Although we do get to see each other a lot more and there are defiantly more “I love yous” to go around.


Living in France has taught me Sooooooo much about my relationship with God and really strengthened me within Him. I am much more comfortable now knowing God will always keep me safe when ever and where ever and all I have to do is ask.

Everyone tells me that I will miss France, and I always thought I wouldn’t because I really have had a hard time coping with living here, but I think I may miss it a little. I love the fresh croissants, and the beautiful mountains.


12 thoughts on “Goodbye France…Hello New world

  1. Hope you’ll have a great last few days in France. I know God has put you on this path for a reason. I’ll be praying for you and your family as you transit into a whole different world and culture. You might have culture shock and it can be difficult to adjust, but I know you will be able to, because you are a strong person. Stay in the Lord and you will be fine. Miss you lots!


  2. Abigail, thank you sooo much for sharing. Blessings to you, Olivia,Sallee, and Jeremy. Praying for good health, safety, good friends, rest, fun times and that God uses your family to share Jesus. Love


  3. Abby, I have heard you are anxious to be reunited with your sewing machine. Do you know if there is anything in the crates that Liv is looking forward to?


  4. thank you so much Abby for your thoughts and pictures. It brought tears to my eyes. I pray all goes well as you transition to Africa into a whole new culture. may the LORD bless and keep your family safe. love you all, aunt Carolyn


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