Finally Chad

Thanks for your patients because after about two and a half weeks I am finally ready to share the crazy couple weeks! We had very safe and smooth travels to Chad and are mostly settled in!

It has only been a few quick days and I haven’t really figured out my feelings about living here yet, but so far I like it because I finally feel a purpose and I know that I am were God wants me.

When we arrived we were able to open our crates of things we shipped from America, and it was so exciting to see all my personal things again.

For meals we ate with the people who will be handing their jobs over to my parents. It was really nice for us to go and eat meals without worrying about cooking. One day we went out to lunch at a restaurant. It was nothing like you would think of in America, but to me, it was surprisingly good.


I am enjoying getting to know the culture and the people, but there are some English speaking people here and it is really nice. The Bronsons are a family who are on our team, and we spend lots of time with them. I am also helping with their homeschooling and teaching an art class to some of their boys, because I love art.

The house we are staying in is very nice, and very big. It was really nice to get here, with somewhere nice to live!




Adjusting to a new culture has been crazy, even though we went through culture shock in France, Chad is just so different. One thing that frustrates me though, is that girls my age could be married and therefore I am not supposed to look at any older boys, or they will think I will want to marry them.

We wear long skirts to be respectful of the culture, but even sometimes in the house we are not allowed to wear shorts, because of how disrespectful it is if they saw my upper leg.

We also have some big changes with our new dogs! We got three puppies, and in the short version of why we have three, the German Shepard are for guarde dogs and the other is our little lap dog! And though it’s been crazy we love them all!






Soka and Mopsy (thanks to my little cousin for the name Mopsy!)






A few parapet requests!

Continual French learning
Job learning for my parents
Transitioning back to school for Livvy and I



6 thoughts on “Finally Chad

  1. Thanks for the update. Our family prays for you and your family every night before bed, and every week we pray for you in our Wednesday men’s prayer group and in Sunday worship service. This morning I’ll be posting Sunday’s message from Acts 18 on entitled “our Strength is in our weakness”.


  2. You are so lucky to have puppies! We can’t even find a pet store here. I at least want a fish. Culture shock is normal when moving to a new country. Not being able to wear shorts outside can also be hard. I understand. I can’t wear shorts either. Finally having your own things is nice too. Your wondering where some of your things are and then remember you don’t have them there with you. And no matter what, always remember Philipians 4:13.


  3. Nice to read about your days in Chad. Will be praying about school for you and Olivia, continuing learning French and for folks to learn the job of running the Welcome Center. The puppies are cute. Mark & Deb Evans


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