A better week

Wow this week has been very busy and tiring, but so much fun,

This week Livvy and I were in a vacation bible school sort of thing for the week, which they call homeschool week.
This is for the kids who don’t usually go to a regular school. We played lots of games and did different projects and things. I was able to participate and Livvy was a junior counselor, helping with games and activities.

I also tried going to volleyball and soccer this week. Over at a different mission center, there is weekly volleyball and soccer. I wanted to go to volleyball, but I wasn’t sure if they would let me play because it is mostly adults. I got to play and did pretty well and it was a ton of fun. It was so great to get out that energy because I hadn’t played good volleyball in so long.

Just this past Wednesday, I also tried playing soccer which was a blast. I was actually very nervous because I have barely played soccer in my life, and these kids grew up playing soccer. But I had nothing to worry about because they were all super nice and really let me learn the game and were super encouraging. Though, I did need to worry about the grasshoppers because they were so gross and covered the field. I am amazed with how I came over that fear because, let me tell you, however many grasshoppers you’re thinking of, take that and times three and that is about how many there were.

Wow I have so much to write for such a busy week but it has been the most fun, and it is just what I needed.

I am really sad for homeschool week to end because it reminded me of how much I like a classrooms more than online school.

Padmé and Soka (the puppies) are doing great! They are really learning and growing up. We are now working with Padmé on being less aggressive because she is very controlling of the things going on in “her” house. XD

It’s is also very exciting that the mommy cat at our center had kittens and they are still very small. Today I got to hold them and it made my heart melt!



P.S. I know that the cover photo of this article does not have a lot to do with what I wrote, but I did not get many pictures of things this week and I thigh this looked cool, so enjoy ; )


7 thoughts on “A better week

  1. Love hearing the happiness in you blog! Have been thinking and praying for you so often since your last post. Sounds fun you got to play both volleyball and soccer! Still will pray for a special girlfriend for you.


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