20 Things Missionaries Know to be too True

We have been in the mission field for about a year now, and through our highs and lows I have noticed some unexpected things about being a missionary. I can’t speak for everyone, but here are some things that I think a lot of missionaries will agree with me on!

1. When you meet other missionaries they are immediately family, whether you are willing to accept it or not.

2. Baking out of a box does not exist, and even when it does it might just go horribly wrong because the directions are in another language

3. When you don’t have the right parts or tools you sometimes just have to make things work.

4. Learning a language can take a LONG time

5. You will know more kinds of currency than you thought you would.

6. There might come a day when you seriously just can’t say what you want to.

7. If you don’t know how to get through an airport, you will learn.



8. You will learn how to bend the rules of how much baggage allowed, and pack everything possible.


9. Sometimes you have to give people a chance even when you don’t think you could become friends with them.


10. Living in a tiny apartment with your whole family is NOT impossible

11. Products that claim to be “American” usually aren’t American.

12. There is a crazy thrill in looking forward to what your next home will look like.

13. People say trying new things is good, but somethings they just aren’t good.



14. Sometimes you have to improvise for food you can’t find.

15. That day you can finally open your crates from home is the best!

16. The amount of babysitting jobs that are available make for a pretty good salary.

This is a picture of our teammates at our house and I sometimes babysit for them, but in this picture they are at my art class that I do with them for homeschool!


17. You really have to up your social media game to keep up to date with friends and relatives.

(This is one of many reasons I like writing a blog!)

18. Watching movies on a tiny laptop screen may be something you just have to do.

19. Keeping up with fashion and music trends is much harder than you thought it would be.

20. Sometimes you might just stop and think, “I never imagined I would be here today.”





20 thoughts on “20 Things Missionaries Know to be too True

  1. Number 4 is false!
    I thought the same, but then my parents threw me into a Chinese School (To give my Mum a break from homeschooling…) and I quickly learned, that I needed to quickly learn Chinese. :p
    You pick it up fast living among the people. When I was 10, I could only speak English. Now I can speak 3 languages fluently, and smatterings of another three 😉


    1. It isn’t necessarily false. It’s different for everyone, especially if you are suddenly thrown into a new country and have to learn a new language. Some people are naturally good at learning languages, and it takes longer for others. I’ve had to learn many languages, ever since I was 4, and some take longer to learn than others.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Totally agree. It all depends on different factors. I suppose I got it lucky, having moved so early in life. I can’t imagine how touch it would be to suddenly have to learn a new language after the age of 10!
        I started learning Malay a few days ago. The grammar totally messes me up 😛


  2. I believe I have experienced every one of them too. How’s playing soccer and volleyball going? God’s blessings on your day.


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