Yard Tour

We live in one out of two compounds that are owned by the Lutheran Brethern. One side has the center building which is like a mini hotel for missionaries, and the other side has our house, the office, garbage, and a big garden. Here is the tour of the side with our house!

This is the gate that you come in from. The little building to the left is the guard house.

We have “guards” that work here but a better word to use might be employe or gatekeeper. That is the little place they use throughout the day(and night).


Across from there is the office building and tool shed. The left side is the office where mom works. And the right side is where my dad keep all his tools and supplies for maintenance things.


From there, there is the “parking lot” and path up to our house.



Past the parking lot to the right is just a lot of storage, and the big generators whee usually just dad goes. To the left behind the parking lot is a little path leading back to the garbage and the garden




Gong through the garden path goes back to the chickens.

We have two chickens and a roster and get about an egg every two days. Right now though, there are a whole bunch of eggs that they are sitting on so we are hopeful for chicks!



Right next to the chicken coup is a big circle-shaped brick thing. I say it like that because we really have no idea what this is supposed to be for.


In the backyard There is also a chair swing,…


And the back porch door.


Them going around to the front, the water tower is by the corner of the house


Right by the water tower is the back of the office and the front yard, which brings us back around!





25 thoughts on “Yard Tour

  1. Hi, Abby. Your Grandma gave me your blog address and I enjoyed your photo tour. The landscape in your yard reminds me so much of west Texas where I grew up. It was hot and dry there, too. Now, I have a visual of where you are so when your grandparents talk about you and your family, I can have a better sense of life there. God bless you all.


  2. Hi Abby! This is the first time I am on your blog. It’s wonderful to hear all about your new life and see it through the pictures you’ve posted! What a wonderful tour….it feels like I could reach out and be there with you! We miss you in our Sunday School class, although now you would be in confirmation! Love seeing this. Take care!


  3. Thank you, Abby! I especially love seeing all the GREEN, because I usually picture the area all dusty and brown. Hugs to you all!


    1. Thanks grandpa! They are limes. Well we believe they are limes. Everyone says they are just “Chadian citron fruits” but they definatly look as taste like limes.
      Yes. I am planing to do a tour of the center as well!


  4. I know this is a super out of the blue question. But as I have been reading these blogs I can’t seem to understand what you do. Yes I know you guys run a welcome center but what does that all entail


    1. Ya I thought that might be confusing. Well there is the main center building, which is the focus. My parents are here to run that and manage it. They handle things like and paperwork as well as things like maintenance and managing the employees. We have different kinds of people who work here. We have a couple ladies who do things like cook and clean for our team and clean rooms that people stay in. There are also the guards I talked about, a yard worker, and a lady who does laundry for the center and personal matters. Hope that all make sense ; ) let me know if your curious about anything else because I love these questions!!


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