November Update 2016

Wow! Time flies! It has been about 3 months since we got to Chad, and everything has been a little crazy so I thought it was time to sit down and write a little update!

Everyday is a new adventure. Everyday I find myself doing or seeing something I hadn’t the day before. A lot of the time it involves an cool animal or pet.

The chickens in our yard had chicks and they now live on our back porch because otherwise the cats who live here would get to them. They are really cute, but definitely not cuddly. They were at first, but now they just run round like little crazies.

This is a really pretty pink dragon fly that I found in the backyard.


This is a turtle that the guards brought into the compound for us to see and now he lives somewhere in our yard. This was a while ago and we haven’t seen him for a long time so maybe we will see him again soon!

Padmé (our Chadian puppy) and Soka (our German Shepherd) are always getting into trouble! Soka is always finding things outside. She really likes to eat bugs and things at night so when we let her out at night to go out and explore and find things, we say that she is “hunting”. She even found a hedgehog!

Padmé is our little dare devil she likes to test her boundaries. She gets really crazy and energetic sometimes and is really fun to watch. Though, sometimes she gets all tired and lays on your lap like the most innocent creature in the world.

Due to Livvy’s recent birthday we took a little overnight trip to a hotel nearby. We had great food, a huge pool to swim in, and HOT WATER!

We do not have a hot water heater at our house and though we live in Chad our showers can still be freezing!

We also had a fun get together night with some of our teammates. On the night of the super moon we got together for a little bonfire and s’mores! We had hot dogs and s’mores together. We even got on top of a shipping container that was sent to Chad a long time ago, so we could watch the super moon rise.

The “super” moon really wasn’t all that big in Chad but it was definitely fun to watch it rise and get brighter by the minute!

Photo Creds: My awesome sister Livvy


We are mostly settled in now and my parent’s jobs seem to be going well. My dad really seems to like going out and helping people, and offering little gestures to get to know them. My mom likes how there is something new to do every day.

This is what I do like about living in Chad, but also what I don’t like. Things are always changing. Sometimes it involves cute animals and new experiences, and sometimes it involves frustration with technology and different things. It is all something to get used to!


15 thoughts on “November Update 2016

  1. Miss you so much abigail! I love reading your blog and I love all the pictures you add to them! The chicks look adorable and the turtle looks like so much fun! Your dogs are also so so cute! I love the names. Love you so much and miss you like crazy. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving 😉


  2. I just found your story thanks to your Aunt Tara. I enjoyed reading n pray for everyones safety. Everyone misses you. The pictures are great…never saw a pink dragon fly before, beautiful. Keep posting. Happy Thanksgiving to you n yours. Love, Aunt Linda


  3. Bonjour ma famille! Est-ce que vous parlez français tous les jours? Bien sur, vous me manquez. Je vous souhaîte un “thanksgiving” joyeux! Grosses bisous! Je vous aime!


    1. Hi! No. I don’t speak French all the time in fact I think that is one of the only things you said that i understand. I know lots of greetings but beyond that I don’t speak or understand much. My parent’s French is coming along though!


  4. Hi Abby! I just found your blog on a Facebook post from Aunt Tara. This is awesome! I’ve been very curious about your lives in Chad. I am curious about your online schooling. What is it like? Is it U.S. based? How is the science? Do you get to do labs? Tell Liv and your parents I said Hi!


    1. Hi aunt Ann! Online school is a little boring, but the science is good! I am learning about the human body, but do not do labs. Yes it is U.S. Based and all my teachers speak English. Thanks for reading!


  5. The photos and update are great. Those little black chicks are so cute. Before you know it, you’ll have a chance for more fresh eggs! Enjoy your posts.


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