10 Things I am Incredibly Blessed With

As Thanksgiving is TOMORROW, it is super important to realize all the amazing things God has given us. Not just around thanksgiving but all the time. Instead of just thinking up a list in my head, I am going to write it down with some fun pictures!

Before we get started, I just wanted to say: I realize I don’t usually post things this close together, but lately I have been brainstorming ways to grow my blog! I am working on posting more often, and creating new, fun, creative content for my readers! So enjoy and here we go!!

1 An Amazing Family

I have the MOST amazing family. I have pretty much the best family in the world. A family that gives me opportunitees, believes in me, cares for me, knows me, loves me, and always has and always will.

2 Puppies

Since getting to Chad my life has shifted dramatically and having puppies have helped to distract and transition us. They are the biggest and the best distractions ever!

3 Travel

With our mission taking us to Europe, we were very close to lots of amazing vacation spots and were very fortunate to travel to several different places. We got to go to London, Spain, Ireland, and Paris!



4 Friends

I have so many wonderful friends in the states. And I have met so many more wonderful new people along the way.


5 My Blog

So far I have loved writing in my blog. It is like writing letters to you all at once!

6 Crafting

I really enjoy crafting, and making things my own! After leaving the states I thought that hobby would be hard to continue after realizing France did not have nearly the amount of available crafts supplies. Then I found more and more available things.

After arriving in Chad the hope once again vanished because at most there were markers and generic school supplies. Now I see more and more cool things in stores that I can’t help but feel that God put them here for me.

7 A House

Whether it is here…


Or here.


8 Air Conditioning

Anyone new to Chad will learn to LOVE their air conditioners.

9 Food

I am so blessed to have food on the table and have it available when needed, but also, who doesn’t like food?!

Besides just being anyone who loves a good meal, we have had the opportunity to travel around the world and try new foods that we barely knew existed!

Speaking of food, who else is super excited to eat turkey tomorrow!?

10 God

Without God we wouldn’t be here, or be anywhere for that matter. He has called us here and I am so thankful that He is with us every step of the way!


Thanks so much for reading! I am working hard on adding lots of cool new stuff to my blog, so make sure and stay tuned for different and exciting stuff! And, as always, I LOVE getting comments! ; )




P.S. I recently created a MissionAbby Facebook page!!!! Click here to go to my page!!!


12 thoughts on “10 Things I am Incredibly Blessed With

  1. Great idea to blog! Will also help you remember all of these great memories you are making! Happy Thanksgiving, Abby and to the rest of your fam too! Miss you guys!


  2. I agree with all of them. There are so many things that we are blessed with, and we just need to take time to think about them. This is going to be my first Thanksgiving in my new home, and for you as well. I, too, can’t wait to have some turkey. Miss you tons!


    1. It’s actually a kind of ice cream! We went to this little stand and saw them make some ingredients into the ice cream roll ups! They are different colors because we got to chose what was put in it! I wasn’t kidding when I said we got to try lots of NEW stuff!


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