50 Random Things About Me

Since I thought of the post idea , I fell in love with it. This was a tag going around YouTube a while ago, but I thought it would be really fun (and quite the challenge) to come up with 50 random things about me in a blog post!

A tour of the center is coming soon. I was working on it tonight but none of my pictures would upload. Oh well, another day.

Here we go… (I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am right now!)

  1. My favorite color is pink.
  2. My favorite food is ice cream.
  3. I can do cartwheels.
  4. When I was about 8 years old, I lost my DS and it was found a few YEARS later in my grandma’s car (we thought it was gone forever!).
  5. When I was little I used to ask to be my sister’s servant, as a game,  just becuase I liked to.
  6. My puppy’s name is from Star Wars (Padmé)
  7. I can’t tell a lie because it will drive me crazy, knowing that I told a lie.
  8. My family built our dream home and lived in it for about 9 years.
  9. I went to the same school from preschool through 6th grade, and loved it.
  10. I just took a break from writing and went to get some Cheetos.
  12. Mocha frappuccino is my StarBucks order.
  13. I used to love playing “Survivor”, when you had to pretend to and live on your own.
  14. Icarly is my favorite childhood show.
  15. I can quote almost every part of that show.
  16. Grey’s Anatomy is my family’s new show.
  17. I don’t like watching movies.
  18. I love TV shows, but not movies.
  19. I am known in my family for breaking earbuds, whether my fault or not.
  20. My room is almost always messy.
  21. Yet, around bedtime I get this weird burst of productivity and try to clean it all up.
  22. I still like playing with legos.
  23. And the occasional barbie doll with my little cousin.
  24. On my thirteenth birthday my friends and I played truth or dare at about midnight, and it was the most hilarious game ever.
  25. My favorite sport is volleyball.
  26. Christmas 2015, for my family, was spent in Spain.
  27. Even though, living in Chad, I can’t wear lots of “regular” clothing, I like to go online shopping and put all the things I wish I could wear in my cart.
  28. My number 1 item on my wish list right now is a new camera so I can bring you guys beautiful content.
  29. My friend and I have already started planning our big shopping trip for when I get back to the states.
  30. When my sister and I were little we were given a HUGE Lady stuffed animal from Lady and the Tramp.
  31. We jumped, played on it, and dragged it around until it actually started coming apart.
  32. It used to be a summer tradition at our grandparents house to make mud pies.
  33. Before leaving the United States, my friends threw me the best going away pool party.
  34. I am not a cat or dog person.
  35. I am an ALL animal person.
  36. I love to knit, but haven’t in a long time time because I only knit at my grandma’s house when she can help me.
  37. I can drive a four-wheeler.
  38. I can fish a little.
  39. I have been to 8 different countries.
  40. Spain was probably my favorite.
  41. When we move, I get so excited to see what my next room will look like.
  42. I have had a terrible habit of biting my nails since I was a little kid.
  43. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  44. I also like Halloween, Valentine’s day, the Fourth of July, New Year’s, and Easter(pretty much all holidays).
  45. My favorite animals are penguins and beluga whales.
  46. I like crafts.
  47. My favorite subject in school is science or language arts.
  48. I used to have a retainer and then braces, now just place holders.
  49. I have the most amazing family.
  50. I like watercolor painting.


Wow! I made it! That’s 50 Things about me.

Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love – Abby<3


P.S. I know that if I weren’t me, I would be curious about what my life is like here in Chad (hope that made sense), so if you have anything you want to ask me about FEEL FREE!

I love getting questions in comments and I am looking for new things to write about so maybe I will even make it into a new article!


17 thoughts on “50 Random Things About Me

  1. Your grandparents share the “big stuff” when we go to breakfast with them, but this was a fun way to get to know you better! I hope you get that camera, too! I’m clueless…what is a DS?


  2. I loved reading this and I miss you so much💜 I miss playing survivor with you when we would climb in the pine tree😉 I love reading your blog 💕 love you😘


  3. That was absolutely fun to read. Looking forward to next time. How often do you go to the post office for mail?
    We want 50 more!
    Looking forward to knitting with you again!


  4. I learned a bunch of things I didn’t know about you! I remember the pool party. Didn’t you already know about it, even though it was SUPPOSED to be a “surprise” party? Btw when do you go back to the States? I go back year after next, beginning of 10th grade.


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