December Update 2016

Hey I’m back!!

It’s been awhile since I last uploaded and I’m sorry. I wanted to keep up with writing consistently. Time got away from me. I’m sure you understand. It does for us all sometimes. First I just didn’t really want to write, then I had so many small things to talk about but I wasn’t sure how to put them into one article, then the wifi didn’t work, and now I’m finally here. But there really are no excuses for not talking to you awesome people!!

Things have been crazy lately. I decided that it’s time for a December update because there are lots of little things I want to talk about that don’t make their own article.


Have you noticed the changes to my theme?!

I am super excited about the new, fresh, clean setup. I like the old one but it got a little messy and I felt it was time for something new!!


I guess we should start with the sad so we don’t have to end with it…

Some of the biggest and saddest news of the month is that Padme moved. : (

She is now in a new, good home in the village with a family who already has a few dogs and will take care of her well.

But the biggest question in your head right now is “WHY?”.

She was a great dog and she  loved us a ton, but did not love others. She was very protective of her area and barked at whoever came into the yard. She was a wonderful pet who was so much more than a “pet”, but it just didn’t work out. My parents new jobs involve people constantly coming and going, and this is what she was not good with. We would never give up on a dog but she was just a very naughty in a way that really didn’t work with the mission.

I hope that makes sense and I know it’s a long explanation, I just wanted to make it clear that we really loved her and didn’t want to give her away. Even though it’s not what I would have chosen, I am happy it happened. I am glad that I had the chance to know her. Even though it was sad, I would do it for another dog in a heartbeat because dogs in the city are not taken care of well and it makes me happy to know that even though she is gone now, she is a little fattened up and she has her shots so she will be healthier than the average chadian dog.

She was my baby. And though she was a little naughty, it was in a funny way. She was always getting into trouble or doing something funny. And if she wasn’t, she was curled up in a cute little ball sound asleep.

Here are couple super cute pics I took one our last night together.



On the day came, I got to spend a little time with her in the morning. We played together and talked (Well, I talked ; ) The weather that morning was absolutely perfect for a few pictures and everything I got pictures of represented what Padme was like and what she liked to do.

She liked to chew on things


And Chew on other stuff.


And sit in the middle of the yard as the little guard.


We will miss you so much Padme!



Now for some happy stuff!

Just a couple days ago, we had our big Christmas party. We had over a lot of the same people as our Thanksgiving party, and ate, played games, and had a great time!




We also recently had a pizza party!! A while back some of our teammates built this huge pizza oven, and let me tell you, it’s pizzas are SOOOOOO GOOD! I wish I had gotten a picture of the beautiful pizzas before they vanished!! Although that may make you very hungry!! I did get some fun pics with the boys. I enjoyed teaching them how to work my selfie stick XD





Something cool that Livvy and I recently got to help with is donating clothes. One of the employes’ daughters had her clothing stolen. Unlike the United States it isn’t easy to just go get a new wardrobe. So we went through our closets and found all those things you just don’t need anymore and gave them to her.

It felt really nice. Instead of sending clothing off to goodwill, where it may or may not be sold in the next ten years, we got to donate firsthand. We even received a note from the very thankful girl!


Lately I have been trying to come up with new and more high quality content for you all. I am getting a little interested in minor photography and was inspired to see what my little Iphone camera could do in our yard!








Feel free to use these pics! The links are below so you can save them to your computer!

White Flower

Fence and Sky

Orange Flowers

Pink Flower

Pretty Sky


That’s all I have for now! I have many ideas, but sometimes the creativity just runs dry, so if you have any article ideas of things you are curious about leave them below!!

Lots of Love – Abby


7 thoughts on “December Update 2016

  1. Sorry to hear about Padme. Your Grandpa shared about Padme at Wed-Men’s prayer group and we prayed about your family giving Padme away and for your family’s ministry in Chad. Debbie and I like your pics a lot! We will be sharing (as your Grandma has) as Sunday School teachers about your lives in Chad with our kids. Your blog/diary is very helpful (we have your 2nd cousins James, Kaylyn and Brinley in our class). Keep writing your blog it’s a great way to find out what’s going on in Chad.
    Mark and Debbie Evans


  2. I enjoyed reading your December Update. Padme always looked so graceful in your pics like I imagine a princess should be, even when she was chewing on a stick or guarding her kingdom! Will you be getting another dog? Your posted photographs are stunning. God really does make beauty available in the most unpredictable ways, even through the fence and sky!


  3. Wow a lot has happened since you last wrote! I’m very sad to hear that Padme had to move. Will you be able to visit her? Your Christmas party sounded awesome! I’m in Australia right now, and it’s so weird! It’s not inappropriate to wear very short shorts and a tank top, and there’s no snow for Christmas! And probably for you to. 😃 Your pizza party also sounded very fun. The pictures of you and the boys are so cute! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Time really does fly by!


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