Happy New Year!


It’s 2017?! How can this be?!

My New Year’s eve was filled with the privilege of joining some of the other missionaries at a New Year’s eve party! The night was filled with karaoke, games, great food, noisemakers, and Champagne (Don’t worry, not the real stuff for me!)

Here are some pictures of all the fun!






Going into 2017, for me, is extremely bitter sweet. Every year we get a fresh start to forget the things we want and move on. Yet, this day really reminds me of the time I missed in the States with family and friends. I remember what we did on New Year’s Eve last year, and don’t get me wrong it was a good time, it’s just reminds me we haven’t been home in over a year. I knew this already, but this day really makes it official. I am not going to lie, 2016 wasn’t a great year. It was a hard year filled with things I never thought would become my reality. It made me face my fears, figure out who I am, love myself, learn to fight harder than I thought I could, and Most of all love God.

Not that any of the things I just listed were 2016 working in my life, they were God. 2016 was the year for God and me. He did all those things for me and has drawn me closer to Him than I ever knew I would be.

It kills me to say this, but I have to admit it: I am thankful for these experiences. If it weren’t for God giving them to me I wouldn’t be as close to Him. I never would have experienced the things I have, or seen the things I have.

Thanks 2016, It’s been quite the heck of a wild ride.

Lots of Love – Abby


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Abby! The year has certainly flown by hasn’t it? I thought it would be so slow, but it is already 2017!!!! Miss you!


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