Hanging With the Team

Lately we have been spending lots of time with our awesome teammates and I wanted to share some of the stuff we’ve been up to!

This past Tuesday we had a big pizza party and made homemade pizzas in the huge pizza oven that was built on our compound (How many more times can I say pizza : ) )!

Jonah and Theo sure do like their pizza!
The pizza oven!!

After Lunch, the boys and I had the most fun taking pics.


Look here Moses!


Don’t these guys just melt your heart?! ❤


The rest of this week has been our team “conference”. That’s what they call it, but it’s not really that official. Mission conferences are when teams get together to have meals, pray, work on some business, and have lots of fellowship.

Because of this, Soka even got to see her sister! They really like to play wild, but I managed to get this one good pic before they kept wrestling!


Soka and keela


The whole week was very eventful and fun but, the most fun was our group outing on Saturday at a nearby hotel, for a day of fun in the sun!


This is just a pretty pic I took of one of the plants!


After a cold dip into the pool Jonah and I needed a little time in the sun.
Super Cute ❤
Jonah was telling me all about these cute little plants!
Then Samuel decided to join us.


This was a very crazy week filled with lots of time together! Next Year the conference will be even fuller! Sadly, This past Tuesday was our last day together. Till next year!


Lots of Love – Abby ❤




8 thoughts on “Hanging With the Team

  1. I always enjoyed conference time with our teammates. We children had lots of fun playing together! Enjoyed the services in our own language plus fun night was such fun with skits and games with the adults and all the children. Many laughs!
    Good to see Joel and Marybeth at the table too!- great couple.
    Thanks for sharing all the fun photos!


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