Down by the River

A Few Days ago my mom and I had the opportunity to join the the Bronsons (teammates, friends, coworkers, art class students) on a walk down to the river. I am not even sure what the river is named, but let’s just say there is a river nearby and we walked to it ; )

I want to mostly just share pictures, but also mention that this was a really cool experience. Living in the city, we don’t really experiences what Chad is said to be. But today we did. It was cool to see different animals and the people and their homes. Doing school at home is kind of nice, but it can make you feel cooped up a lot. I never felt as free as I did today in the open air. It was overall just a really, really cool little experience.



This is what I always expected Chad would look like!
Walking buddies!


This is a super huge ant hill, and luckily none of the ants were out!


This ant hill is like five times smaller than the other, but this one had ants out. I am just really glad there were no ants at the first one!


run! run! run!
Super pretty!!!

These little gardens were very close to the river so that men could fill their watering cans then walk back up to water the plants.



Brothers ❤


We even got to see a shepherd guide his goats and sheep down the river side.








Such a pretty site. Glad you got to enjoy it with me!


Lots of Love – Abby<3


25 thoughts on “Down by the River

  1. Hi Abby, you do such a wonderful job of sharing – thoughts, feelings, photos – so glad to be on the receiving end! Love from Sara 🙂


  2. I always loved when my mom and I would go walking about 4.30-5pm to visit our neighbors. It always was memorable as we could see the women cooking their evening meal. Often we would’ve invited to sit and visit. Before leaving mom would ask if she could read a few verses from her New Testament and then say a prayer. They would consent and be so happy we stopped to visit. Lots of stories could be told. Guess it brought them joy and also blessed us too. ( An opportunity to share Jesus with them and various family members in the compound too.) Should let you know that river is the Chari river which connects to Lake Chad. Not too far from there is also the Lagone river. We lived about 5-6 miles from the Lagone. I was born in Bongor but mostly raised in Yagoua, Cameroon. Hope you keep exploring and learning more about where you live. It is a world most people don’t know much about! I love your sharing and posting pictures! So good to see it through your eyes!


    1. That’s just awesome! I feel like we should be writing this blog together! That is cool you know what lake I am talking about so I am sure you have been there! After reading your comments, I always know a little more about the land around me!


  3. Really enjoyed the pics and glad you had a chance to explore. Deb and I shared your previous pics with our SS class (James, Brinley, Kaylyn and Devon) and they showed a lot of interest. At end of class we pray for you and your family.


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