A Little Bit of Henna

Hahaha I lied in the title… It’s a lot of henna. Lol.

Today I have a mini post about getting henna because it was super cool!!

For those who don’t know henna is a temporary tattoo that is all one color (usually brown or black) and it is drawn on from a paint-like tube. It dries and the excess henna comes off, leaving a cool print on your body, that last about 2 weeks. You can get henna in America with designs like animals and small symbols, but they are more popular in places like India and Africa. In these countries they use more detailed designs that usually have things like flowers, lines, swirls, and dots.

Anyway, I got to get some awesome henna along with a friend who used to live in Chad and is visiting, and with some ladies who are currently here with the LB (Lutheran Brethren) team.


A Chadian lady came over and we sat on a mat and did henna. I don’t think I ever felt so Chadian!!


There were five of us and it took (I would guess) about two hours to do it on us all.





It was different on us all. Some of us got it on both hands and fingers, or just hands, or one hand. You can do Henna almost anywhere, but it is really common to do it on hands. I got it on my hands and fingers. I think it looks pretty sweet but my eyes are still adjusting to how different it looks on my fingers. All the designs were different too, she seemed to do whatever came to her mind and just went for it.



I really love it and how something as simple as looking down at your hands is fun!! (Hahaha, that sounds odd, but its true!)


Awhile ago Livvy and I ordered some do-at-home henna, so I got some good inspiration!!


Thanks for coming by, I have some fun stuff coming up so stay tuned!!

Lots of Love – Abby<3


11 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Henna

  1. That lady was so artistic with some beautiful designs of henna! Glad you had fun!! I’ve never done it but liked to see what designs they draw.


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