February Update 2017

First of all, lets address the elephant in the room… It’s not February anymore. I don’t really have a good reason for why my February update is not in February, but I do have quite a bit of explaining to do.

The reason I have not been on a lot lately is simply because I wasn’t feeling it. I blog because I like it, but if I am not in the mood for it, its not fun, which kind of makes it pointless. I’m sure you lovely people understand.

So, I figured the best way to catch back up is with an overdue update!!

One of the biggest things that happened in our family this month is, yet again, about another animal. One day we were walking down by the river when we heard a little yelping noise. We went over to get a closer look, and it was a puppy. She was super tiny and was with a few siblings who were (super sadly) already passed or too far gone. We took her home and gave her some milk. She was probably only a few days old and didn’t have any teeth or even her eyes open.


Wook at da Wittle ears!!
This is her in her “puppy sling”.
That was in the very beginning of February so she is much bigger now. She has grown a ton, opened here eyes, grew some teeth, and got a whole lot cuter.


It was very clear all along that she is not ours to keep. We are only keeping her with us until she is old enough to live in another home.

Tater and Jonah ❤
So it be only about another month. Its sad to think about because she is getting to that really cute playful puppy stage. She likes to bite everything, at least her teeth aren’t big enough to hurt anyone yet!




Another big thing that Livvy an I did this month was take a trip to the south of Chad!

A short term mission team was here and some of us got to take a road trip to a wildlife park called zakouma.

We saw tons of different animals and got to stay at a beautiful place with awesome food!! Here are some pics from the trip!!


Riding on top of the car!!!



Male Lion!!!


Not many other big things happened in February. Livvy and I FINALLY finished our school semester. We are currently a semester behind. From here we are going to take a break for a few months while we figure out what is best for us next whether that’s boarding school, or whatever God has in store for us.

Thanks to all my super loyal readers who are here reading after such a long pause!!


Lots of Love – Abby<3



14 thoughts on “February Update 2017

  1. Great pics and enjoyed reading this blog entry. We especially liked your last blog and how you spoke from your heart and how you feel about being on the mission field. Mark & Debbie


  2. Happy Birthday Abby! What an amazing trip to the Wildlife park!!! Do you still have the pup you saved? What did you name her? Love your blog and look forward to it each month!


  3. Happy Birthday Abigail!! I love you and love reading your blog! Your so sweet and beautiful and your trip looks super fun!! I hope you are doing well and I miss you like crazy! Love you abby ❤ -Anna Rose


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