March Update 2017

Wow, I feel like I was just writing my February Update. These past few months have just been FLYING by.

Something very big happened this past month…We decided on a school! Continue reading “March Update 2017”


February Update 2017

First of all, lets address the elephant in the room… It’s not February anymore. I don’t really have a good reason for why my February update is not in February, but I do have quite a bit of explaining to do. Continue reading “February Update 2017”

January Update 2017

I have done a November, December and now January update! I love these because by the time the middle of the month comes around, I have like 30,000 things to talk about!

Today I want to talk, mostly, about future blog plans. After all, my new year’s resolution was to get my blog in order and to keep up writing on it! Continue reading “January Update 2017”

December Update 2016

Hey I’m back!!

It’s been awhile since I last uploaded and I’m sorry. I wanted to keep up with writing consistently. Time got away from me. I’m sure you understand. It does for us all sometimes. First I just didn’t really want to write, then I had so many small things to talk about but I wasn’t sure how to put them into one article, then the wifi didn’t work, and now I’m finally here. But there really are no excuses for not talking to you awesome people!!

Things have been crazy lately. I decided that it’s time for a December update because there are lots of little things I want to talk about that don’t make their own article. Continue reading “December Update 2016”