10 Things I Have Learned from Living in a Third World Country

1. Hunger is real.

Living in The U.S., where there are five restaurants and two grocery stores on every corner, does not give us a real idea of what hunger is. We all know about the countries with people who are poor and hungry, Continue reading “10 Things I Have Learned from Living in a Third World Country”


Story Time: It’s the Little Things

Today I walked outside with Livvy, carrying a cooler of Kool-Aid to the car.  As soon as we were in the the clear, where I could see the sky, I looked up in awe.  Clouds.  Just clouds.

I can guess your probably thinking, “What?  Is she serious?  Is this some kind of joke?”

Nope, It’s not. Continue reading “Story Time: It’s the Little Things”

50 Random Things About Me

Since I thought of the post idea , I fell in love with it. This was a tag going around YouTube a while ago, but I thought it would be really fun (and quite the challenge) to come up with 50 random things about me in a blog post!

A tour of the center is coming soon. I was working on it tonight but none of my pictures would upload. Oh well, another day.

Here we go… (I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am right now!) Continue reading “50 Random Things About Me”