I’m Back! – Where I’ve Been and How Things are Going

Hey Everyone!! After a while away, I decided it’s time to update the blog because SO much has been going on since my last blog post.

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You Know You’re in Chad When…

  1. You have to stop for camel crossing.
  2. Cucumbers are shaped like baseballs.
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Down by the River

A Few Days ago my mom and I had the opportunity to join the the Bronsons (teammates, friends, coworkers, art class students) on a walk down to the river. I am not even sure what the river is named, but let’s just say there is a river nearby and we walked to it ; )

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December Update 2016

Hey I’m back!!

It’s been awhile since I last uploaded and I’m sorry. I wanted to keep up with writing consistently. Time got away from me. I’m sure you understand. It does for us all sometimes. First I just didn’t really want to write, then I had so many small things to talk about but I wasn’t sure how to put them into one article, then the wifi didn’t work, and now I’m finally here. But there really are no excuses for not talking to you awesome people!!

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