On the day we left for France

On the day we left for France…

In the Morning, My Parents didn’t go to class to work on things back in our room, but Livvy (My sister) and I went to our last class. After class we had lunch and packed up our last few things. When we came out of our room, everyone was waiting for us to say goodbye(We had to leave a week early so everyone was staying). We put our things in our car, and before we could leave we had to take a few pictures with our friend Sabrina with the fort we built with sticks (like a little tree house). After that everyone gathered around us and said a prayer for us. our teachers came to our car with us and gave us hugs and we said goodbyes.And we were off…

I never realized how real it would feel to leave the people at MTI. I thought it was over when we left our friends and family in Wisconsin, but it was crazy how we had really gotten close with all these amazing people at MTI!

Some of the best times at MTI :

Taking Pictures with Sabrina

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Crossing The Bridge with my “family”:

download (3)

Displaying IMG_20151005_124527.jpg

(No, this is not my actual family this is just an example of the “chaos” that missionaries have to go through to transfer from one culture to the next. I’m am in the pictures but in the first one you can’t exactly see me, I am blocked by )

Building our Big Fort

Displaying IMG_20151005_124049.jpg

Fun Times in the class room


The “Bear”

( I was not there at the time, but apparently there was a bear walking around near MTI)

All the Sights to see


Displaying IMG_20151005_124810.jpg


And just being Family

Most of these wonderful pictures are from people at MTI so THank You for the great pictures!


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